Rhys Sullivan

Software Engineer



Software Engineer
August 2023 - Present


Software Engineer Intern
May 2022 - August 2022

Raven Software

Gameplay Programmer Intern
May 2021 - August 2021

Epic Games

Gameplay Programmer Optimization Intern
May 2020 - August 2020

Active Projects

January 2022 - Present
Open source webpages for Discord forum channels. Bootstrapped to 350k MAU, built with Next.js, TypeScript, and Turborepo, tRPC, and Drizzle.
January 2024 - Present
Typescript library for analytics querying & rendering of PostHog data

Past Projects

Shelf Life

February - April 2021
iOS / Android app built with React Native to digitize a pantry. Used Python, Flask, and SQL for the backend. App tracks nutritional information, expiration dates, budget, and suggests recipesTeam Size: 4Duration: 2 months

Into the Depths

December 2020
Singleplayer VR game where you pilot a submarine and fight a flying water dragon. Submarine had missiles and sonar for detecting floating mines.Team Size: 5Duration: 7 days

Ground Control

December 2019
2 player game made for the theme "Down To Earth". One player is in a Spaceship trying to return to earth and survive reentry as their ship falls apart. The other player is in ground control telling the player in the Spaceship where their issues are and how to fix them.Team Size: 5Duration: 7 days

Busy Bee Movers

ArtCenter GameJam 2021
2 Player LAN / Online Co-Op game. Both players control one character, if they move together they go full speed, if one person is only moving they go half speed, and if they do opposite inputs they don't move at all.Team Size: 4Duration: 48 hours

VR Kart Racer

January - June 2019
Virtual Reality Kart Racer that I made to learn VR, C++, and NetworkingTeam Size: 1Duration: 6 months

VR Spin Bike Project

April 2020
VR project running on the Oculus Quest that converts spin bike pedaling into in-game input. You race 60 other bikes in a lap around an island.Team Size: 1Duration: 2 weeks